A warm welcome to this years collection of shows, companies, artists, dreams and derring do.

In amongst the pages of this elegantly concise website you will find journeys that lead down dark and disturbing pathways. Pathways that might lead you plunging into a vortex of crushing despair. Dark and depressing avenues that will break and dismantle your spirit and leave your very soul broken, bereft, systematically laid out in the sun to dry.

On the other hand it might be a giggle.  Might cheer you up. Lift the spirits. Make your step a little lighter and your journey a tad more sprightly in an otherwise troubled world. Either way. Or to put it another way – “something for everyone” as these ubiquitous introductions often promise.

Speaking of everyone we have made an attempt to make this programme genuinely accessible to Deaf and disabled audiences. The pop up nature of the festival and the historic architecture of the city makes this challenge very poignant. We aim to challenge the cultural acceptance that access for Deaf and disabled audiences is therefore very restricted. All our shows are presented in spaces accessible for wheel chair users. Our programme also offers BSL Interpreted shows, Audio Description and touch tours for selected shows.